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        产品定义 / 工业设计 / 结构设计



        精准医疗是一种将个人基因、环境与生活习惯差异考虑在内的疾病预防与处置的方法,与目前最广泛的循证医学相比,精准医疗更重视“病”的深度特征和“药”的高度精准性,也是全世界医学界公认的未来医学发展的重要方向。上品设计协助万众一芯完成了系列PCR微型基因测序仪的产品化工作,为了持续提升C端用户的体验,此系列PCR设备均实现了自动化,工作人员只需要通过操作APP及简单的芯片操作就可以轻松完成整个测序流程,这也让此款基因测序解决方案进入中小型医疗机构成为可能,医疗机构的工作人员仅需要经过简单的培训就可以上岗操作。Precision medicine is a method of disease prevention and treatment that takes into account the differences of individual genes, environment and living habits. Compared with the most extensive evidence-based medicine, precision medicine pays more attention to the deep characteristics of "disease" and the high accuracy of "medicine", which is also an important direction of future medical development recognized by the medical community all over the world.TOP Design assisted Wanzhong one core to complete the product work of a series of PCR microgene sequencer. In order to continuously improve the experience of C-end users, the PCR equipment has been automated. The staff can easily complete the whole sequencing process by operating app and simple chip operation, which makes it possible for this gene sequencing solution to enter small and medium-sized medical institutions, The staff of medical institutions can work only after simple training.


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